Modernization of communication tools: InnovÉÉ

Modernization of communication tools: InnovÉÉ

The context 

Heko-Innovitech’s communications team was mandated to coordinate the production of InnovÉÉ’s website and newsletter in order to provide them with a modern showcase to promote their activities.   


The achievements 

The first step was to redesign the website which lacked modernity. Our team took care of the ideation, the construction of the website’s tree structure, the improvement of the existing content to optimize the SEO, and all the coordination with the suppliers in charge of the website’s production and its translation.   

The previous newsletter also lacked modernity, with very long content that made it difficult to read the information, Heko-Innovitech created and produced a new template for the consortium’s quarterly newsletter, once the site was delivered. The team handled the design of the newsletter, the creation of new sections and editorial recommendations on the content inserted in the newsletter. 


The results 
  • Access the InnovÉÉ site 
  • A modernized newsletter: a before-and-after look 
  • 15% increase  in the newsletter open rate  
  • 12% increase in the newsletter’s click rate    






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