Brand modernization: MEDTEQ+

Brand modernization: MEDTEQ+

The context 

After 6 years of existence, and following the obtaining of the title of Center of Excellence in Commercialization of Research by the Government of Canada, which gave a new dimension to the organization, MEDTEQ+ mandated Heko-Innovitech to modernize the brand image of the organization. 


The achievements 

The first step was to redesign the website, which was considered unclear and lacked modernity. Heko-Innovitech took care of all the reflection regarding the architecture of the site, its content, as well as the production of the texts and the coordination with the suppliers, by making sure that the result corresponds to the needs of MEDTEQ+. Once the site was delivered, the team then applied the new graphic identity to the various media: newsletter, word templates, Powerpoint presentations, business cards, etc.). 


The results 
  • +11.8% increase in the click rate on the newsletter
  • +15% of page views on the site (+53% on the home page)
  • +18% of visitors on the site (+41% on the home page)






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