Virtual Conference: Agrophotonics Symposium

Virtual Conference: Agrophotonics Symposium

The context 

Heko-Innovitech was mandated in February 2021, by Optech (Collegial Center for Technology Transfer in Photonic Optics) and its partners Optonique (pole of excellence in photonics-quantum of Quebec), Biopterre and Photonics Bretagne to organize the first edition of their event « Colloque Agrophotonique Québec Bretagne » which was held virtually in April 2021 and brought together all the actors of Quebec and Brittany in the field of agricultural and agri-food photonics. 


The achievements 
  • Advice and assistance in the planning of the event 
  • Implementation and management of the event’s budget 
  • Coordination of the project with the 4 organizing partners 
  • Identification and implementation of a virtual event solution meeting the needs of the clients 
  • Management of registrations and participants 
  • Creation of the event’s graphic environment 
  • Management of all logistical aspects of the virtual event before and during the event: training, management of speakers and service providers. 


The results 
  • 2 half-day event that brought together more than 110 participants from Quebec and Brittany
  • 100% of clients and speakers satisfied
  • A quick turnaround time that allowed us to organize the entire Agrophotonics Conference in less than 2 months

Optech, Optonique, Biopterre et Photonics Bretagne




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