Major marketing campaign: MEDTEQ+

Major marketing campaign: MEDTEQ+

The context

The Acceleration Innovation MEDTEQ support program allows companies in the cohort to benefit from visibility at events and meetings with partners. This year, with the pandemic, face-to-face interactions have been reduced. For this reason, MEDTEQ+ mandated Heko-Innovitech to propose solutions and nevertheless offer the expected visibility to the companies, through a marketing campaign.


The achievements 

In order to respond to this problem, Heko-Innovitech set up a page on the MEDTEQ+ website, highlighting the different companies in the cohort. Following this, we launched a national campaign on social media and in the digital press, through advertising inserts. The team handled the entire dissemination strategy, content production and analysis of the results. 


The results 
  • 10,638 views of the website in one month
  • 206,758 total impressions on social media (Twitter and LinkedIn only)
  • 500,000 total impressions on Canadian digital press inserts






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