Major marketing campaign: GARDN

Major marketing campaign: GARDN

The context

The objective of this project was to highlight, over a short period of time, the exceptional results of the projects supported within the framework of the GARDN II on a national scale, to both the general public and their target audiences (industries and governments).

The achievements

Heko designed an interactive web page, summarising the projects in layman’s terms to make them accessible to the largest audience, to put forward visually and concretely the impact and integration of the different GARDN projects. Once the page was created, a media campaign and social media campaign were launched across Canada.

The results
  • +742k total impression on social media
    • +670k total impressions on Twitter
    • +71k total impressions on LinkedIn
  • +9,000 total engagements on social media
  • 1,500 clicks on the URL






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